Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Target X Toms

Every few months (give or take) Target partners with a designer to bring fashionable finds at an affordable price. Starting November 16th Target's next collaboration is Toms. All items are $50 and under and for every item purchased a pair of shoes, a blanket or a meal goes to help a person in need. To check out the entire collection go here. Below are some of my picks:

Graphic Tee retails for $16.00
This purchase gives one week of meals to a person in need.

Sweater retails for 32.00
* I believe the sweater in the back is an online exclusive only and retails for $22.00.*
These purchases give one blanket to a person in need.

Graphic Sweatshirt retails for $22.00
This purchase gives one blanket to a person in need.

Slouchy Hat retails for $16.00
Scarf retails for $22.00 and is an online exclusive.
These purchases give one blanket to a person in need.

Pair of chambray shoes retail for $48.00
This purchase gives a pair of shoes to a child in need.

Throws retail for $30.00 each.
This purchase gives one blanket to a person in need.

Candle with wood box retails for $15.00
This purchase gives one week of meals to a person in need.

Pouches retail for $20.00 each
This purchase gives one week of meals to a person in need.

Until Next Time,
Ashley Ann 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Costumes - Part Two

I'm back with my second installment with easy (or at least in my mind) Halloween costumes.

Rosie the Riveter
You will need:
- A denim button-down (and roll your sleeves up)
- Denim jeans
- Red bandanna (to be worn in your hair)
Here's a hair tutorial and others are available. However if you aren't hair savvy a low ponytail with the bandanna works too. 
- Brown belt
- Black or brown boots (No knee-high or riding boots try ankle booties or lace-up boots)
- Red socks
-Red lipstick
Bonus if you put your arm up and say We Can Do It!

Risky Business
You will need:
- A men's white button-down
- A pair of white boxer shorts
- A pair of white athletic socks
- Black Ray-Bans (or the knock-off kind if you can't afford the original)
* I will add if you're going to be outside wear a pair of tennis shoes.

A Cat
*Not entirely creative but it's easy*
You will need:
- An all black outfit, this can be a dress or a shirt/turtleneck and black pants.  No sweats! Leggings, skinny jeans or dressy pants all are fine.
- Cat ears
- A tail (optional)
- Black ballet flats
- Face paint for a black nose and whiskers (optional)

A Cowgirl
*Again not entirely creative but easy*
You will need:
- A denim button-down or plaid button-down
- Denim jeans or denim skirt
- Cowboy boots or riding boots- if you don't or can't get either regular boots are fine just no heels.
- Cowboy hat (you don't need an authentic one you can always go to a costume store or Target.)
- Bandanna (to be worn around your neck)

Until Next Time,
Ashley Ann 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Costumes - Part One

Since we are in October and less than three weeks away from Halloween I've decided for the next two Fridays I will be posting costume ideas. I've tried to put together easy costumes with things you already have in your closet or it would be easy to buy aka not a lot of searching to find a certain item.
Without further ado here are some costumes:

Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts 
You will need:
- A blue dress (obviously if it's colder you'll need a long-sleeve dress)
- White socks (not athletic/heavy socks, either dressy or thin ones)
- Black and white oxfords (if you don't have oxfords white or black tennis shoes -think Keds are fine.)
- If your hair is long enough curl the ends like Lucy's.
- Bonus points if you have a stuffed Snoopy or football handy. 

Eloise at the Plaza
You will need:
- A short-sleeve white button down or blouse
- Black pleated skirt
- Black suspenders
-White knee high socks or dressy socks
- Black Mary Janes or ballet flats
- A Red Ribbon to be worn in your hair.

Wednesday Addams
* I apologize for the picture. I wanted a full shot of the original Wednesday and this was all I could find. You are welcome to draw inspiration from the movie if you wish.*
You will need:
- A black dress (again if it's colder long-sleeve) with a white collar. 
- Black tights
- Black flats or Mary Janes. 
- If your hair is long enough wear it braided in pigtails.
-Bonus points if you carry around a headless doll and remember don't smile. 

A Mouseketeer
You will need:
- A white turtleneck or short-sleeve sweater. (If you're crafty cut the sleeves to the turtleneck to make it shorter, if not just leave as is. If you are really short on time a white fitted t-shirt is fine.)
- Black pleated skirt
- Iron-on or stick-on letters (to spell out your name)
- White socks (again not thick/athletic)
- Black Mary Janes, ballet flats or tennis shoes (Keds)
- Mouse Ears (if you are able to get a pair from one of the Disney parks or Disney store great. If you are crafty and can make your own even better. However most Halloween stores and places like Target carry mouse ears.)
- Bonus points if you great people with a wave and state your name. 

So that's part one of my Halloween costume post, The next one will be next Friday (October 24th). Hopefully you got some inspiration from this or my next post.

Until Next Time,
Ashley Ann