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What To Pack: Summer Vacation Edition

Maybe you've already taken a vacation, after all it is July. However there are about 8 weeks until Labor Day. And Yes I know sometimes school starts in August however there's always the weekend. With the help of a few beauty/self-improvement books I've come up with a list of what you pack if you were to go on vacation for a few days to a week.
*This is just a list to go by, you don't have to pack everything I put here.

Let's begin with necessities:
- Underwear
- Socks
- Pajamas

Next Wardrobe:
- Pack at least 2 nice outfits, i.e. a dressy dress and a blouse and dressy pants or shorts (depending on the weather). This is if you go out to dinner one night or have a night on the town.

- A couple of casual dresses
- A couple pairs of shorts or cotton skirts (if you'd rather wear skirts)
- T-shirts and/or tank tops. - Make sure these are too casual, it should be nothing you would sleep in. Polos are fine too.

Now on to shoes:
- A pair of heels or flats for your dressier outfits
- A pair of sneakers (I'd suggest Keds or Vans)- If sneakers aren't your thing you can take casual flats or even boat shoes. These are for your casual outfits and days spent exploring town.
- A pair of sandals
- A pair of flip-flops for the beach or pool

- Swimsuit
- Cover-Up - This can be whatever you are comfortable in.
- Sweater/Cardigan - For those chilly nights depending on where you vacation.
- Hat - Wear it to the beach or if you happen to be spending the day at an amusement park.
- Sunglasses
- Jewelry - Place your jewelry in plastic baggies so it doesn't get tangled up in your suitcase.
- Purses- Take a clutch for those evenings out and a regular purse, i.e. satchel for your daytime outings.
- Beach Bag with necessities  (I made a post about this weeks ago if you want to go back and read).

If you have room pack a couple of trash bags or even a duffel bag and put your dirty clothes in it. There's nothing worse than having dirty clothes in the same bag as clean clothes.

So for the most part that's what to pack on a summer vacation. I might have left out a couple of things but I think this will give you the general idea of how to pack.

Until Next Time,
Ashley Ann

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